About Us

With over 20 years of  tech marketing experience, Lisa has focused on services to socially responsible businesses during the past six years. Scanning the horizon for revolutions underfoot, Lisa extended her domain over the past three years to include open innovation & social media strategies.

A former VP of Marketing with AOL/CompuServe, Lisa is the marketing pioneer of Internet In A Box (500,000 copies sold) as well as early web affiliate marketing programs. Earlier she directed the Computer and Online Market Research Services and consulting services for The Gartner Group/Dataquest, the nation’s premier high technology market research company.

Lisa’s rebranding experience includes projects for NASA, Solar Direct, Solaris Systems TCT Solar and many others.

Originally trained as a Physiological Psychologist working in visual neuroscience, her technical skills were later complemented by conducting due diligence for venture capital clients. Lisa’s research expertise and data insights have created innovative products, opened new markets and provided new revenue streams for clients.